Books Authored

Table Of Content

1. Book titled Cacti Culture

Manuscript of the Book titled ‘Cacti Culture’ is completed and will be published by June 2016. It has been written on the basis of my hands-on experience spanning over two decades with precise details of routine care and attention. It will serve as a reference guide for those with little or no experience with cacti. While it contains all that a novice always wanted to know, older amateurs too will find this book useful.

The book reflects:

Annuals and other plants need lots of soil, space and water each of which is scarce in big cities. With the increase in population, the prices of land have sky rocketed resulting in small houses and apartments with no room for gardens or even for large pots. In addition, the busy work schedules leave people with little time for traditional gardening. Cacti however can grow in smaller pots and require less space, soil and water – and perfectly fit for the modern lifestyle.

Vaastu Shastra’s myth has been shattered - If thorns bring bad luck, the garden favourites rose and bougainvillea that need more care and give a look of a thorny bush for greater part of the year should be abandoned; cactus appears attractive all the year round even when not in flower. Don’t shun cacti because of their thorns; many of the cactus species are without thorns and are much sought after by gardening enthusiasts and are a collector's delight.

2. Book titled Succulent Culture is half way through.

3. Book titled Bonsai is also half way through.