My Story

  • As a leader of the Survey of India team to Antarctica during 1992-93 with the 12th Scientific Expedition, I mapped the virgin territory of Indian Station Maitri and around. I was awarded the highest departmental award ‘Certificate of Honour’ in 1993 for my meritorious service in the preceding five years in Technical and Administrative matters.

  • I am the President of Bonsai Culture Society, Chandigarh and have been one of the pioneers in generating awareness about bonsai in the region. My Solo Exhibition of bonsai held in July 2011 at Punjab Kala Bhawan, Chandigarh was a step further in this direction. I have a collection of about 300 bonsais.

  • I am the President of the National Cactus & Succulent Society of India for the past over a decade; it is the oldest and the biggest such society in the country. During quarterly meetings their cultural practices coupled with demonstrations are delivered by senior members. I had been instrumental in creating a Cactus and Succulent Garden at the Army Training Command, Annadale, Shimla, in 2006

  • I am into sculpting for the past over three decades and have a collection of 50 sculptures. A Solo Exhibition of his wooden sculptures was held at Punjab Kala Bhawan, Chandigarh in August 2011.